SEL/Teaching Tips of the Week

2024 Final Spartan Tech Tips & Tricks - This edition is two pages long, and the second page has important information about what the IT Department will be working on this summer. This will affect everyone somewhat, so please read and fill out the linked Google Form if necessary. 

Dr. Mullen will host Digital Days this summer on August 13th and 14th. She will cover our management systems (School Tool, GoGuardian, Google Classroom) while also diving into some of our curricular resources and engagement tools. There will be time on both days to create materials for next year's lessons so you can start the school year strong! 

Please sign up at the links below: 

If you have any requests for programs/resources you'd like to see showcased at our Digital Days - send Dr. Mullen a message! 

SEL Tip #36 - Reflection is key to growing as an individual/team/organization.  How are you/your team/your students taking time as we start to close out the school year to celebrate all that has happened (learning, growth, connections) and set goals on how to be even stronger in the year(s) to come? (*Our building teams are reflecting now on systems, student outcomes, stakeholder feedback, and creating action plans for the 2024-2025 school year.)   ~ Kristin