Senior Project

The Senior Project at Sodus Central High School builds the bridge between the skills students learn in the classroom and the real world. This means that students take responsibility for their learning; they will be expected to independently complete tasks using the information contained in the Senior Project Student Manual. The element of self-directed study is what really lends meaning to the Senior Project, and what makes it so unique. The Senior Project is made up of four components: a research paper, a product, a portfolio, and a presentation.

Component 1: Research Paper

The research paper will provide students with valuable research skills. The senior paper requires them to understand and adopt a process to conduct research, formulate a research topic, develop a clear and purposeful thesis statement, utilize and accurately cite resources that support the thesis, incorporate a unique sense of style and voice, and understand and avoid plagiarism. Students will further be developing independent learning and self-discipline.

Component 2: Product

The product is the component that allows students the opportunity to utilize and develop the knowledge they have gained from their research into an object, an event, or an internship. This will challenge students to draw upon their academic and vocational skills and specialized talents while creating a product that significantly extends your research beyond the classroom environment.

The application of knowledge from students’ research to the development of a tangible product will require them to integrate critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, personal creativity, organizational skills, and perseverance. This component enables students to experience the authenticity of utilizing these skills as they will be in the future. 

Component 3: Portfolio

The portfolio documents students’ journey through the Senior Project, as well as highlights their accomplishments throughout high school. The Senior Presentation panelists will review students’ portfolios before they give their presentation. Students’ portfolios give the panel an opportunity to become acquainted with both the student and his or her project.

Component 4: Presentation

The final phase of the Senior Project is the oral presentation. Students will demonstrate an understanding of public speaking skills which include depth of knowledge, body language, poise, and appropriate dress. They must deliver their Senior Presentation before a panel, which will be composed of adults from the Sodus Central School District and community. Before the presentations, panelists will have an opportunity to read through and familiarize themselves with students’ Senior Project portfolio. Each panel member will evaluate presentations using the standards of the presentation rubric as a guide. Students must meet the minimum standards to pass their Senior Presentation. 

Shelly Hoot is the Senior Project Co-Coordinator. If you have any questions, please contact her atEmail Shelly Hoot